Level Of Detail (LOD) for WebGL VR Engine

Dominguez, Kevin (2020) Level Of Detail (LOD) for WebGL VR Engine. Bachelor thesis, Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana.

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This project is proposed by Hegias, a technology company with headquarters in Zurich and branch office in Lugano. Hegias develops systems for managing virtual reality content from the web, mainly aimed at architects, homeowners, interior designers and marketing professionals. Modern browsers are able to render 3D graphics in real time thanks to GPU-accelerated programming APIs such as WebGL. This allows to embed interactive and dynamic 3D scenes within web pages. To be able to maintain optimal performance (especially for VR applications through the use of 3D viewers through WebVR and WebXR), the 3D models used in the scenes must not be too heavy. It is from the need to lighten the 3D models used in the scenes that Hegias commissioned this project. A 3D model is divided into 2 main components, geometry (Mesh) and materials that define how geometric surfaces appear on the screen. The technique used to lighten the scene geomitries is the application of the Level Of Detail (LOD). Through which it is possible to obtain different levels of the same 3D models, of varying geometric complexity. The heaviest components of a material are the associated textures, which have been compressed to lighten its weight. To reduce the weight on the rendere, parts of the elements that define a material have been disabled. The ability to choose the level of geometric detail, allows you to balance the weight of the scene to be rendered, with the performance of the hardware available. In combination with the use of compressed textures, which obtains lighter scenes to be rendered, it is therefore easier to maintain the same fluidity of scene between more or less performing devices.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Supervisors: Peternier, Achille and Rizzo, Nicola
Subjects: Informatica
Divisions: Dipartimento tecnologie innovative > Bachelor in Ingegneria informatica
URI: http://tesi.supsi.ch/id/eprint/3146

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