Teaching Drama: Activities to Increase the Students’ Appreciation of “An Inspector Calls”

Frigerio, Lisa (2018) Teaching Drama: Activities to Increase the Students’ Appreciation of “An Inspector Calls”. Diploma thesis, Scuola universitaria professionale della svizzera italiana (SUPSI).

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This project aims at finding out whether there are some didactic activities which motivate students to work on the dramatic text and contribute to increase its appreciation. To reach this aim, the research investigates the effectiveness of varied didactic activities which compel students to activate different learning strategies while reading An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley. The research has been conducted in a third-year high school class. Data has been primarily collected through two surveys submitted to students. Activities have been prepared considering both scholars’ suggestions and the students’ answers to the first questionnaire. Results show that appreciation is strictly related to understanding of the plot. The viewing of a cinematographic interpretation of the play and class discussions appear to be the activities which eased understanding and thus enhanced dramatic appreciation. On the other hand, performing did not appeal to the students; in spite of the fact that most critics claim it to be an essential part of drama teaching, learners did not find this activity particularly stimulating or designed to increase dramatic appreciation. Relatore: Paolo Jacomelli. Materia: inglese.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Supervisors: Jacomelli, Paolo
Subjects: Formazione - Apprendimento
Divisions: Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento > Scuola media superiore
URI: http://tesi.supsi.ch/id/eprint/2230

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