Piattaforma conteggio veicoli

Cepilov, Nasko (2016) Piattaforma conteggio veicoli. Bachelor thesis, Scuola Universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI).

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Industries are often confronted with the measurement of different types of standards. The consultant engineering sphere deals with this issue and provides different solutions. For instance, the storage, management and availability of relevant data have an important role in this field. Moreover, access to an easy and simple way to visualize data gathered from different measurements frequently corresponds with a remarkable spare of time. Companies that offer consultancy regarding acoustics or vibration along road and railway routes are involved in the calculation of the amount of traffic. The entire process of control is usually manually executed by employees. Hence, there is a misuse of time and resources. The main goal of this thesis was to create the basis of a versatile operating system (i.e. a web platform) which will allow the electronic storage and consultation of data obtained from different types of measurements. The second goal of this project was focused on developing of an electronic system of counting, based on video analysis. Such program will save a considerable amount of time and will increase the duration and quality of the measurement. The basis of the operating system was created using the OpenCV database. Furthermore, an algorithm was generated and tested in a concrete situation for the recognition and characterization of the passage of trains along a railway axis. The data collected after the measurements was generally good, even though there were some errors also. In fact, the system presented many problems which were solved and had no influence on the final data. In conclusion, both the web platform and the electronic system built for the traffic analysis could be improved and strengthen through the use and application of both instruments in other fields.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Subjects: Informatica
Divisions: Dipartimento tecnologie innovative > Ingegneria informatica
URI: http://tesi.supsi.ch/id/eprint/1034

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